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Blog: Musings on Textile Art

  1. In the Galleries: Alexandra Mocanu

    26 Jan 2020
    I was fortunate to see tapestries by French-Romanian artist Alexandra Mocanu at Twenty First Gallery, New York, in December. For the weaving geek, there was much to swoon over Twenty First Gallery, 76 Franklin Street, NYC Twenty First Gallery First of all, allow me to apologize for the yellow cast…

  2. A Field Trip to Browngrotta Arts

    08 Nov 2019
    This week I finally had the chance to see an exhibition of fiber art collected by Sandra and Louis Grotta. For thirty years, Browngrotta Arts has been the premiere gallery dealing in dimensional textile art, sculpture, and fine craft in the U.S., and for nearly that long, I have wanted…

  3. Heallreaf

    04 Nov 2019
    This year was my first year participating in Heallreaf, an international tapestry biennial in the UK organized by Margaret Jones.  Yes, you heard me right – a major exhibition organized entirely by a single individual.  This would be quite a feat even if Heallreaf was limited to artists living in…

  4. Tapestry in the Galleries: Terri Friedman

    21 Oct 2019
    So way back in April, I saw a show of tapestries by Terri Friedman at Guerro Gallery in San Francisco. The experience was kind of a “perfect storm,” in that I had only just become acquainted with her work on Instagram, where she mentioned the opening of her show. I…

  5. A Visit With Mary Zicafoose

    26 Sep 2019
    Mary poses in her downtown Omaha studio. Recently, my husband and I took a cross-country road trip to the Mid West. I used this occasion to drop in on one of my favorite tapestry artists: Mary Zicafoose.  I met Mary at her downtown Omaha, Nebraska studio. It was such a…

  6. The Shape of Things

    07 Sep 2019
    Have you ever felt like you are standing at a threshold between one state of being and another? I have - a lot actually. In fact, I created a whole body of work trying to convey that frame of mind, but I’m here to tell you that I have finally…

  7. Tapestry in the Galleries: Aziz + Cucher

    31 May 2019
    When the Metropolitan Museum of Art presented Tapestries of the Renaissance: Art and Magnificencein 2002, I think we all hoped that would spur an increased interest in contemporary tapestry. One could argue that we are currently seeing the revival we had hoped for, because there is certainly a lot…

  8. Tapestry in the Galleries: Christina Forrer

    24 May 2019
    Last month I had the pleasure of seeing the tapestries of Christina Forrer at Luhring Augustine in NYC.  Thanks to Instagram, I’ve become aware of quite a number of new artist/weavers breaking into the scene, most coming out of LA or Brooklyn, who are focusing the limelight on textiles as…

  9. Textile Aesthetic Alive and Well in Art World

    18 Apr 2019
    If you weave tapestries as I do, you have no doubt heard the remark “why don’t you just paint it?” rather than render imagery in such a slow and complex technique.  Why indeed. This week I hit the galleries in the Chelsea art district in New York City, and from…

  10. Ixchel Suarez and the Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre

    09 Dec 2018
    One of the reasons I went to the World of Threads opening in Canada was to meet artist/weaver Ixchel Suarez. Ixchel lives in Oakville, Ontario and runs the Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre there. A friend of mine took a tapestry workshop there earlier this year. When I learned that…

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