Ellen Ramsey
Contemporary Tapestry

Blog: Musings on Textile Art

  1. Je Suis un Lissier

    2018-04-16 22:51:50 UTC
    I trace my tapestry “lineage” to the French tradition through Mary Lane via Ruth Scheuer via Jean Pierre Larochette and the San Francisco Tapestry Workshop, active 1977-1988. How Jean Pierre ended up in the USA in the first place is a fascinating story. To learn about this historical period, I…

  2. How an Iowa Girl found her Tapestry Groove

    2018-04-05 15:15:26 UTC
    I think it is only fitting to start this blog adventure at the beginning and tell my story: what attracted me to textiles in the first place, and how in the heck did I get into tapestry weaving?  It is a good question.  I grew up in Iowa. Like just…

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