The Last Word on World of Threads 2018

I’ve blogged about weaving, stitching, and paper art and now, to be honest, I am running out of steam.  But I did not want to close the book on World of Threads without mentioning a few of my favorite pieces in the other creative categories, so here goes:


Here I would just like to point out one thing that I was totally obsessed with: these shoes by Valerie Jane Geard of Canada. They are solar etched printed and hand printed on Thai silk. To. Die. For. 


The “fiber inspired” sculpture exhibition didn’t really inspire me, but I really liked these wood and cast resin works by Eva Ennist of Canada. I want one.

Pig Gut

If you can make art out of pig gut, sausage casings, and thread, you can have your own category! I thought this piece by Mary-Anne Wensley (Canada) was very effective as an installation in the main gallery.  You think your work is labor intensive? THIS is next level labor intensive.

Surface Design

There was a fair amount of Eco printing in World of Threads.  I felt the standout example in this genre was the work of Linda Kollofski from Minnesota, USA.  Close inspection of her work reaped rewards with some pretty amazing subtle effects. Her pieces had the ethereal qualities of Chinese landscape paintings from a distance. I liked the fact that there was a lot of color and variety in her beautiful prints. 

This piece by Lori Birkbeck of Canada blew my mind just a bit - Ok, a lot. It is photography printed on chiffon. This is not your Grandmothers photo transfer.

Next to me in “Botanical Realm” was a beautiful silkscreen and stitch piece by Susan Moran (USA).  I especially liked the layering at the bottom.

And last I must show you another piece that kind of defies categorization. Below is a work by Sandra Dammizo of Canada described as a “pin-embroidered tapestry.”

Now check out the back!   Eeeek!  I do not envy the de-installation crew.

Well, that does it for World of Threads. I hope you have enjoyed seeing the show through my opinionated eyes!  I look forward to World of Threads 2020.

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