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  1. IRL 2022

    31 Dec 2022
    2022 felt like coming out of a coma.  I returned to my traveling ways and saw many exhibitions featuring amazing textile art.  I blogged about a few of these exhibitions, but there was so much more that I was able to see this year. Here are my picks for the…

  2. The Hundertwasser Tapestries: Part 2

    06 Dec 2022
    My last post was Part 1 of my article about the Hundertwasser Tapestries. If you have not read that post yet, please go back and read the background story before continuing on The Austrian weaver Fritz Riedel established a Gobelin style tapestry studio in Mexico in 1968.* The studio wove…

  3. The Hundertwasser Tapestries: Part 1

    05 Dec 2022
    Vienna is a museum lover’s paradise. There you will find palaces filled with the vast treasures of the Hapsburg dynasty as well as Vienna’s modern masters, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. But the highlight of my recent trip to Vienna was a small, quirky little museum called the Museum Hundertwasser…

  4. In the Galleries: Christina Forrer, Again

    15 Oct 2022
    For my birthday, I was able to make a quick trip to New York City for an infusion of artistic inspiration.  I had a divine day visiting a few selected shows featuring tapestry and textile art. I feel inspired to share my experiences, so here goes….  The author’s husband attempts…

  5. In the Galleries: Igshan Adams

    12 Jun 2022
    I am totally obsessed with the weavings of Igshan Adams. I’ve been wanting to see the work of this South African artist IRL for quite some time. I narrowly missed my chance to see his show at the Casey Kaplan Gallery in New York last year. So, I just had…

  6. Lost in the Metaverse

    03 Jan 2022
    Wow. It has been a long time since I posted, eh? As 2022 begins, it is time to look back at what I’ve been up to in the studio for the last six months and what I am looking forward to in 2022.  I have been working on a very…

  7. For Weavers Only: More Erin Riley Tapestries

    30 Jun 2021
    In my last post, I focused on the themes and content of Erin Riley’s work as recently exhibited at PPOW Gallery.  For this post, I just want to share “weaving porn.” Not weaving (verb) pornography (noun) – although Erin has done that – but “weaving porn” as in what turns…

  8. In the Galleries: Erin M. Riley at PPOW

    25 Jun 2021
    I had the good fortune to catch Erin Riley’s recent showing at PPOW Gallery in New York. Entitled “The Consensual Reality of Healing Fantasies,” the show featured sixteen tapestries, half of which exceeded 8 feet in height or width and all of which were woven in 2020. (If this reality…

  9. The Big Hack Revealed

    30 Apr 2021
    In my last post I wrote about getting started on the first large(ish) tapestry in a new series of work. After four months on the loom, I finished weaving the piece on New Year’s Eve 2021 with a rather solitary cutting off with my husband and the dog. I dragged…

  10. A New Direction (Before Covid19, Part 2)

    07 Aug 2020
    I’ve never done an artists residency (and still haven’t) but setting up shop in unfamiliar Brooklyn last winter turned out to be very productive situation for me. Due to space and time restrictions, I was forced to work small – which is not really my jam, but I made the…

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